Through continuous inward investment in core competencies and infrastructure it is our mission to grow both geographical and product markets to drive revenue growth. Development of value-added services and enhanced customer understanding will enable us toachieve our vision.

Our Core Values

We are extremely proud of the values we hold which have created the foundations on which our success has been built:

  • Family-owned | Being family-owned, our culture is based upon strong relationships built on trust
  • Highly-advanced | Our sophisticated technology and product innovation ensures we remain ever-aligned with increasing market demands
  • Principled | Our business is run with the utmost degree of integrity from top management down to every single employee
  • Sustainable | We are committed to undertaking processes and operations which ensure any impact on the environment is minimised
  • Diligent | Our management team leads by example and instils, and encourages, a strong work ethic across the whole workforce
  • Respectful | We treat every individual and organisation we work alongside with respect and consideration, and build strong relationships with all – whether fellow team members, customers, or partners.


Our vision is enhance the position of LATE SCRAP RECLAIMED RECLAIMED RUBBER as a leading independent manufacturer of high-quality RUBBER and associated products. Through the pursuit of service and technical excellence we aim to continuously meet and exceed the demands placed upon us by our diverse customer base.

Our Promise to You

We promise to continue to provide:

  • World-class products and technology
  • Innovative solutions to your challenges
  • Industry-leading value-added services and on-site support
  • Expert technical advice and guidance
  • Open, honest and transparent working practices
  • First-rate account management